Wayford Vineyard can be found in the tranquil village of Wayford on the Somerset Dorset border, three miles from Crewkerne.  The vineyard came into existence when ten couples from the village and locality decided to embark on an adventure into the world of viticulture.


It was decided to plant Pinot noir.  In April 2007 some 3,500 vines arrived and so the adventure began.  Rows were meticulously marked out, and in just one blistering week (in both respects) all the vines were duly planted. 



For the next few years, we all tended to a section of the vineyard, pruning the vines, mowing the field, repairing posts and wire, killing weeds and dreaming of the first Wayford vintage….


We now produce Wayford Pinot noir, an award-winning Somerset Sparkling Wine.  The variability in the weather each year accounts for most of the natural variability in our wine from vintage to vintage.  Our wine is stored and matured on the lees which provides character and further subtle differences in complexity to each vintage.

In recent years our wine has been entered into the Wine-GB West  competition and to date we have won variously Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Tasting Notes – Wayford 2016, Silver Award
Pale lemon – green hue tiny bubbles and persistent cordon quite ripe with peaches and cream flavours bolstered by lively acidity silky mousse texture well defined with good length